PhD Program Publications, Exhibitions, and Symposia:  

2nd International Graduate Student Symposium, Chicago Schools: Authors, Audiences and History, November 17-18, 2017

Picturing Riverside: An Exhibition of a Landmark Landscape Community (Riverside Train station, 2016), curated by Michelangelo Sabatino with PhD Students and Constance Guardi (Riverside Historical Commission Chairperson).

1st International Graduate Student Symposium, Petroleum Modernism: Architecture and Identity in the Gulf, October 13, 2016

A View From Above: The Transformation of IIT’s Main Campus (curated by Michelangelo Sabatino with PhD Students).

Design and Preservation: 

MOVING HISTORY FORWARD Preservation Project of a modernist house (1938) and landscape by Chicago architect Winston Elting in Riverside, Illinois. Visit DOCOMOMO for more details.

Design Competition: Sukkahville 2012 (Toronto, Canada), Design Build Award for SUKKANOE, Finalist; Permanent display: Canadian Canoe Museum (Peterborough, Canada)


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